Interactive computer graphics is a subfield of computer graphics which focuses on the generation of images and animations at interactive frame rates. This research area has many applications like Virtual Reality (VR), medical simulations, computer games or virtual prototyping. In these applications user interactions must often be considered. Our research group at the Visual Computing Institute (VCI) at RWTH Aachen University focuses on different topics in this area. The main research topic of our group is the physically-based animation. In this field we develop novel simulation methods for multibody systems, deformable solids and fluids, investigate General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) and research efficient collision handling approaches. Further research topics of our group are real-time rendering and procedural modeling.


Current research:


  • multibody systems
  • fluid dynamics
  • cloth simulation
  • position-based dynamics
  • fracture simulation
  • real-time visualization
  • GPU-based methods
  • procedural modeling
  • physically-based skinning
  • real-time rendering